SaaS is the abbreviation for “Software-as-a-Service”

SaaS is the abbreviation for “Software-as-a-Service”. The term describes a service that enables users to download the software they need from the Internet. SaaS is thus closely related to software on demand and is offered by cloud providers as part of cloud computing. The concept of loading software from the Internet only when required saves companies and private individuals high storage capacities. The saving in storage space is even greater if the software is used directly on the Internet and thus on the server of the company providing it. SaaS providers are very close to application service providers and the transitions between the various services are usually seamless.

The particular advantage for users of SaaS is the high cost and time savings. Extensive and therefore expensive programs are often available as part of SaaS. The web-based use alone means that there are no license fees for using the software. Costs for operating the programs, time-consuming introductions and maintenance are also eliminated when using Software-as-a-Service. All obligations in connection with program maintenance are the responsibility of the cloud provider. He is responsible for making tailor-made services and sufficient capacities available to his customers at all times. In addition to the individual use of programs, companies also make use of the multi-user use of the software on demand. The costs are limited to a usage-based monthly fee.

In the context of SaaS, cloud providers are also responsible for security. This relates to data backup, availability and up-to-dateness of the software as well as data protection. In addition to the application software, cloud providers provide databases, storage space, networks and backup services as part of SaaS.

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