What is server housing?

Server housing is an attractive option to operate your own server under optimal conditions. This procedure is also known as co-location. With server housing, the company’s own server is housed in the data center of an Internet service provider. The internet service provider also provides the network connection. This fulfills the provider’s tasks, because unlike so-called hosting, this does not provide an operating system or virtual operating system.

The advantages of server housing are obvious. The sensitive devices are housed in specially designed rooms. Effective air conditioning, video surveillance and alarm systems are standard for most providers. There is also a modern gas extinguishing system. An uninterruptible power supply ensures constant availability and avoids disruptions in business operations. The large data centers of the internet service providers are usually connected to the fiber optic network. Significantly higher transmission speeds are possible. At the same time, technicians are on site around the clock. In the event of a fault, repairs are carried out quickly and professionally.

Server housing is becoming increasingly popular with companies. The self-construction of a data center causes high costs and requires a lot of know-how. Adjustments and subsequent expansions are difficult to implement and 24-hour maintenance of the system represents a cost factor that should not be underestimated. Server housing allows companies to remain flexible and calculate accurately. The high level of operational reliability and the high transmission speeds represent a real competitive advantage. A similarly professional accommodation of the sensitive hardware in-house is often disproportionate to the costs incurred. At the same time, the server housing gives the company the freedom to put together and maintain its own individual computer configuration.

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