Identity360 revolutionizes Identity Management

ManageEngine presents Identity360, an innovative, cloud-native identity management platform. It is designed to tackle modern challenges in corporate IT.

ManageEngine, the enterprise IT division of Zoho Corporation, has launched Identity360, a groundbreaking cloud-native identity management platform. This innovation promises to overcome the increasingly complex challenges of identity and access management (IAM) in companies.

ADManager Plus: New functions for secure compliance

In addition to Identity360, ManageEngine has also announced new features for ADManager Plus, an identity management and administration solution. By introducing access certification and identity risk assessment, the company strengthens organizations’ compliance structures and security mechanisms.

Focus on digital evolution of the workforce

The digital transformation of the workforce is progressing steadily. It revolutionizes for mobility and security at the same time. Effective management of identity complexities and ensuring regulatory compliance with an optimal user experience are becoming more crucial than ever.

Identity360: Centralized administration and security

Identity360 provides a centralized platform that integrates directory services and applications to facilitate the management of user identities and effectively enforce access controls. This helps companies optimize their business processes through comprehensive identity lifecycle management and workflow orchestration.

Access certification and risk assessment for Active Directory

The new functions in ADManager Plus not only promote cyber security. They also serve to anticipate risks and provide immediate measures to mitigate potential threats. Access certification campaigns support the exercise of segregation of duties and the application of the principle of minimal rights assignment.

Highlights of ManageEngine’s IAM solutions

ManageEngine emphasizes the many possibilities of its IAM solutions: from a centralized universal directory and consolidated management of user identities to MFA-secured single sign-on (SSO) and enhanced security measures.

Source: Cloud Computing News