Premium Full Management by centron:Backup, Monitoring & Update- All inclusive!

Elevate Your Business with Fully-Managed Cloud Services from centron

The complete service for businesses demanding more from their IT. Backup, Monitoring, Update Management and more – centron Premium Full Managing and centron Premium Managed Services deliver infrastructure as a service solutions for the global enterprise – all inclusive!

Hochsichere Server-Technologien, präsentiert von Centron

Compute, networking, storage and more

Fully-managed cloud services

centron Premium Full Managing and Premium Managed Services
enable you to pivot from managing your infrastructure to focussing on growing your business.

Centron Webhosting: Die nächste Generation des Online-Betriebs

Built to be the foundation of your business

You get secure, elastic, robust self service compute, networking and storage – everything you have come to expect for enterprise grade IT available in a fully managed service with a simple, straight forward and 100% OpEx pricing model.

Centron Webhosting: Die nächste Generation des Online-Betriebs

Accelerate your app & cloud tansformation

The global enterprise trusts the flexibility and agility that comes with Managed Services in combination with the flexible resourcen provided by the centron ccloud³.

Centron Webhosting: Die nächste Generation des Online-Betriebs

Do more. Faster.

Cloud Services featuring Backup, Storage and Networking – all available on-demand and with robust, enterprise-grade features. If you’re looking for secure, highly available, highly performant, flexible and reliable infrastructures and the accompanying services – we’ve got you covered!

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Mit Centron Colocation: Sicherheit und Effizienz für Ihre IT-Infrastruktur


See for yourself, why the centron ccloud is the #1 agile cloud in Germany. Download centron’s IaaS solution brief to get more information.

Centron's moderne Server-Infrastruktur: Zukunftssicheres Hosting


Get more information on how we can make your centron unmanaged VM to an allrounder of future IT infrastructure.

Centron Fullmanaging: Rundum-Betreuung für Ihren Online-Auftritt


Download the solution brief to our services that aim to help reduce the complexity of your IT – and potentially outsource it completely.


Your requirements are our motivation

And focus on the success of your business – with a strong partner at your side

Mit Centron Colocation: Sicherheit und Effizienz für Ihre IT-Infrastruktur

Servers in Germany

We store your data exclusively in our highly secure centron data center in Hallstadt near Bamberg.

Mit Centron Colocation: Sicherheit und Effizienz für Ihre IT-Infrastruktur

Operating system

Choose the operating system that best suits your project. Choose from the latest Linux and Windows server distributions.

Mit Centron Colocation: Sicherheit und Effizienz für Ihre IT-Infrastruktur

Top hardware

Our servers only use branded hardware and lightning-fast SSD hard drives for the highest I/O performance.

Mit Centron Colocation: Sicherheit und Effizienz für Ihre IT-Infrastruktur


Our administrators take over all maintenance work, updates and security management of your server.

Mit Centron Colocation: Sicherheit und Effizienz für Ihre IT-Infrastruktur

99.9% availability

Our centron data center is regularly awarded for its uninterrupted availability. Always stay online!

Mit Centron Colocation: Sicherheit und Effizienz für Ihre IT-Infrastruktur

Premium Support

As a managed server customer, you can always reach our technicians directly - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hochsichere Server-Technologien, präsentiert von Centron

Extreme performance

Fully Managed Datacenter

  • ISO 27001, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Two physically separated fire protection sections
  • Connectivity to De-Cix, N-IX and more
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Frequently Asked Questions

Optimale IT-Effizienz mit Centron Colocation-Diensten

Managed services comprise a wide range of IT services that are mainly provided remotely. Examples include cloud, backup and IT security services. The advantage is that only the services that are really needed are purchased. In contrast to full outsourcing, the company retains control over its own IT. The service is recurring, i.e. it is typically provided every month. The exact scope of service provision is regulated in the service level agreement (SLA). Along with other providers, centron has to be measured against the requirements defined here.

Choosing the right managed service provider can be a big challenge. There is simply too much choice, but it is not recommended to make a decision without having done extensive research first. We’ve put together the right tools to help you decide. From 24/7 support to agile resources to numerous addons, these factors will show you how centron differs from other providers.

Digitization is like a Herculean task for many companies. The process includes a detailed company analysis of processes and infrastructure, hiring the appropriate experts, designing and building a complex and at the same time efficient environment, implementing new infrastructure with accurate documentation, operation with updates and support as well as an IT security team that protects the company and its infrastructure against cyber attacks. In addition, there is the constant monitoring of the IT market in order to keep track of its opportunities and possibilities and to be able to react agilely to changes.

Basically, centron secures every device in our data center by central firewalls, which provide basic protection. However, since each system has specific security requirements, we install individual solutions for managed servers and clusters to avoid presenting attackers with unnecessary vulnerabilities. There is always the possibility to install a personal firewall to ensure further security. We are happy to support and advise you on this.

centron’s resource model allows you to build a new infrastructure with 0€ investment. You only pay for what you really use. In addition to per-minute billing, various add-ons are available to take your IT to the next level.

Premium Full Managing includes Backup-as-Service, Monitoring-as-a-Service and Patch Management-as-a-Service. All in one package, so you can focus on the essentials of your business. In addition, with Premium Managed Services, an additional hourly quota can be booked to further support your IT.

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