GPU server: centron expands product portfolio

New Powerlance GPU Servers by centron: High-Performance Solutions for Parallel Processing

centron, provider of innovative colocation, cloud and managed server solutions, has expanded its product range with powerful GPU servers. The new Powerlance GPU servers are ideal for compute-intensive workloads with parallel processing.

Due to the steady advance of digitalization, companies and organizations require more and more computing power to handle increasingly complex workloads. With Powerlance, centron is one of the first data centers in Germany to offer high-performance GPU servers in a rental model with immediate effect. Thanks to the enormous performance reserves compared to conventional CPU servers, the solution is perfectly suited for Big Data, AI, ray tracing, rendering, machine and deep learning as well as other computationally intensive applications with parallel process processing. Depending on the required performance, Powerlance is available in three configuration levels with one, two or four GPUs.

Hardware from the market leader

At the heart of the new Powerlance GPU servers are powerful NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 graphics units. With 4608 CUDA cores, 576 tensor cores, 72 RT cores and 24 GB ECC DDR6 RAM, they offer ideal conditions for handling even the most demanding applications.

Highest flexibility

Since many projects require peak computing power only for a limited period of time, centron offers the Powerlance GPU servers with a minimum term of only one month. Thus, companies always remain flexible and can terminate or extend the server lease earlier, depending on the progress of the project.

Stable data center infrastructure

The Powerlance GPU servers are operated in centron’s state-of-the-art data center. A redundant multi-carrier connection with an effective bandwidth of more than 30 Gigabit, powerful 1.2 MW power supply with UPS and emergency generator as well as redundant 600 KW air conditioning ensure maximum availability and best performance.

Maximum security

With Powerlance, companies can be sure that their data is exclusively stored in centron’s data center in Germany. An information security management system certified according to the highest standards ISO 27001 prevents unintentional data leakage and ensures maximum security.

Comprehensive support

centron has highly qualified technical staff with in-depth know-how in various areas. Interested companies receive comprehensive consulting in advance to ensure a successful project.


Many are familiar with GPU computing from large providers such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google. These solutions offer maximum performance, but also have their price. With Powerlance, we have developed a GPU server solution that offers our customers an outstanding price-performance ratio, measured in terms of performance per euro. Our GPU server solutions are ideal for all application scenarios in which large amounts of data need to be processed in parallel as quickly as possible – be it aerodynamics calculations in vehicle and aircraft design, scientific calculations of molecular structures or 3D renderings. Especially companies that do not have the necessary infrastructure to handle the waste heat and power consumption of a GPU server get access to this trend-setting technology with centron Powerlance, which will become more and more important in the future.

Wilhelm Seucan, Managing Director at centron