Windows Server 2022: centron offers beta servers free of charge

centron Provides Early Access: Test Windows Server 2022 for Free on High-Performance Servers in Beta Version

centron, provider of innovative colocation, cloud and managed server solutions, offers interested parties the opportunity to test Windows Server 2022 free of charge. Software developers and companies can test the pre-release version of the new Microsoft operating system in detail before the official release.

Test Windows Server 2022 free of charge

centron has been offering free beta testing for operating systems, frameworks and cloud software since 2004. Within the Early Access scope of the current beta server campaign, interested parties and existing customers can test Windows Server 2022 free of charge until the release. centron provides virtual servers with sufficient performance for this purpose. With this free offer, software developers can already put the new server operating system from Microsoft through its High-Performance paces in order to be prepared for the official release.


The community idea plays a very important role in our company philosophy. For this reason, we always run free and public beta campaigns like this one. With this service we thank our existing customers for their trust. At the same time, we would like to underline our status as a reliable and flexible partner of the developer community, which we have earned over the past years.

Wilhelm Seucan, managing director at centron


What’s new with Windows Server

As already announced, the new Microsoft operating system will be the next Windows Server Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) version. It thus ties in seamlessly with Windows Server 2019. New features include:

Multi-layer threat protection with Secured Core Server.
Enhanced protection when transferring critical data, including standard support for HTTPS and TLS 1.3
Managing with Azure Arc
Better management of virtual machines in the new Admin Center
Easier deployment and managing for container applications
Interested readers can find comprehensive information on all new features on the official Microsoft blog.