NexGen Cloud presents Europe’s first AI supercloud


With its 1 billion dollar AI supercloud, NexGen Cloud presents a new era of AI in Europe. The ambitious project sets new standards in terms of sustainability and promises to significantly increase the performance and efficiency of European technology companies.

In a groundbreaking move to strengthen AI infrastructure in Europe, NexGen Cloud, a sustainable infrastructure as a service provider, has launched one of the first AI supercloud projects in Europe. With an investment of $1 billion, the UK-based company has created a specialized, compute-intensive platform for technology companies, organizations and governments in Europe. 576 million dollars alone has been committed to hardware orders from suppliers. NexGen Cloud is thus positioning itself as a leading player in the European AI sector.

Accelerated and sustainable computing for Europe


NexGen Cloud aims to meet the growing demand for accelerated computing with its AI Supercloud, launched in October. In particular, it is driven by the increased interest in generative AI and other AI applications to drive innovation and efficiency in the technology industry. It also ensures regional and cost-effective access to GPU cloud services for European companies and start-ups. By June 2024, the cloud will have over 20,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, making it one of the world’s most powerful platforms.

A key aspect of the AI supercloud is its sustainable focus. It is powered exclusively by European data centers that are supplied with 100% renewable energy. This underlines NexGen Cloud’s commitment to sustainable technology solutions in industries such as healthcare, finance, media and entertainment. Compliance with European data protection and security guidelines is also particularly noteworthy.

Partnership and access


To support the funding for its AI supercloud, NexGen Cloud has partnered with Moore and Moore Investments Group (MMI). A dedicated fund has also been set up and has already attracted investment from their private investors.

Access to the AI Supercloud is provided via NexGen Cloud’s Hyperstack platform for the first 12 months. This is an NVIDIA GPU-accelerated cloud platform that provides direct access to computing resources for the European market.

Overall, NexGen Cloud’s AI Supercloud marks a significant step forward for AI technology in Europe. The strong focus on sustainability, performance and data protection sets new standards.

Source: Cloud Computing News