Outlook: IaaS Trends

IaaS offerings are becoming increasingly popular and are constantly evolving. We take a look at the current trends.

The Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud service model is on-demand access to physical and virtual servers, storage and networks hosted in the cloud. In effect, one rents back-end IT infrastructure to run applications and workloads in the cloud. An example of an IaaS offering would be our ccloud³.

IaaS offerings are becoming more and more popular and are constantly evolving. Today, we want to take a look at some of the trends that can currently be observed in the IaaS market.

1. Decimate downtimes

Tolerance for application downtime is lower than ever. IaaS offerings benefit from the demand for instant service.

2. Speed and scalability requirements

More and more companies are using full-stack observability to cope with the high complexity of the ever-expanding IT landscape and the overload of IT departments caused by a constant flood of data. Thanks to the cloud, they have everything in view and also benefit from speed and scalability.

3. Data accessibility

A decentralized approach is becoming increasingly popular: instead of bringing the data to the application, the reach of cloud capabilities is extended to where the data resides. In this way, companies create a data ecosystem that turns the world into their data center.

4. Data administration

Enterprises need consistent, secure and distributed access to their data as an outlook. Consolidating physical or virtual servers, networks and storage with an IaaS provider can go a long way toward simplifying cloud architectures.

5. Cloud-Migration

Legacy applications, i.e., on-premise platforms, can complicate the digital transformation of enterprises. IaaS offers the possibility of migrating functions and data sets step by step.

Source: Datamation