Ransomware MegaCortex: Free decryption tool available

Victims of the MegaCortex ransomware trojan can now decrypt their data without paying the demanded ransom. A corresponding tool is now available for download free of charge.


The Windows Trojan MegaCortex has been around since 2019. It encrypts files in order to then be able to extort ransoms for their release. In October 2021, twelve people were arrested as part of an international law enforcement operation targeting Dharma, MegaCortex and LockerGoga ransomware. This group was responsible for an estimated 1,800 attacks, mostly targeting businesses. After the LockerGoga Decryptor, Bitdefender has now released a MegaCortex ransomware decryption tool in collaboration with the NoMoreRansom project, among others. It can be downloaded here for free.

After starting the tool, those affected only have to select the folder with the encrypted files and click “Start now”. Alternatively, they can also have the tool search their entire system. Installation is not necessary in any case. The option ” Backup files” is active by default, so encrypted files remain in a backup. This can come in handy in case something goes wrong during decryption.

Source: Bitdefender