Recycling campaign: Old servers get new meaning

Of course, the lifespan of our servers – just like that of all electronic devices – is unfortunately limited. So we regularly ask ourselves the question of how we can dispose of used devices in the best possible way. We recently came across the recycling offer of the Lebenshilfe Bamberg e.V. The Lebenshilfe e-waste group dismantles the old electrical devices in the Lebenshilfe workshop and sorts the individual components by material. In this way, the valuable raw materials are not lost, they do not pollute the environment and can be used again. We recently sent about 100 enterprise servers to the e-waste group for recycling, which corresponds to about 2 tons of e-waste. Many thanks to the Lebenshilfe Bamberg e.V. for this great offer including pick-up! Old servers get new meaning

[idea]Further information about the campaign and its meaning of our partner can be found on the Website of the Lebenshilfe Bamberg e.V.[/idea]