S3 Storage by centron: Flexible, cost-effective & simple - Pay only for what you use!

Scalable and Affordable S3 Storage Solutions with centron

A storage system that grows with your needs. Pay only for the storage space you need. Scalable upwards as required.
Easy to use.

Hochsichere Server-Technologien, präsentiert von Centron

centron S3 Storage

0,035 € / GB / month

plus VAT


Top Features

  • S3 protocol
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Inbound Traffic: Included
  • Outbound Traffic: Included

Transparent cost-effective billing

Billing takes place monthly based on the peak storage in the respective month.

If you choose our centron S3 Storage, you will receive an initial credit of 10 euros. If your credit is almost used up, we will inform you automatically and you can load any amount onto your credit account. In this way, you can continue to use all the advantages of our centron S3 Storage without restriction in the future.

centron uses a fair usage policy. This means that if your download or upload rate hits an excessive threshold, centron will reduce the respective speed and contact you to prevent systems from being overloaded.

Matching solutions

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ccloud³ & S3

Our object storage can be seamlessly combined with our managed server solutions. Of course you can also use centron S3 with your own system.

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Full Managing & S3

For everyone who wants solid performance at the best price, we have created the option of connecting S3 with our Managed Basic Servers to form a powerful unit.



centron S3 storage

Thanks to a flexible web interface, our object storage solution is suitable for a variety of applications – for example for online backup, archiving or data storage.

Cost efficient

Thanks to our consumption-based billing model, you only ever pay for the resources that you actually need.

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Highly available

Thanks to the triple redundant storage, your data is available at all times and can be restored at no extra cost.

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Accessible worldwide

Access your data easily and conveniently at any time via smartphone, tablet or PC - no matter where you are.

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Your centron S3 memory always adapts automatically to your current memory requirements - there are no upper limits!

Server-Infrastruktur bei Centron: Technologie, die überzeugt


Your sensitive data is in the very best hands in our ISO 27001 certified centron data center.

Centron Webhosting: Die nächste Generation des Online-Betriebs

Highly compatible

Thanks to the simple architecture, our object storage solution can be easily combined with other technologies and solutions.

Start your own centronS3 Object Storage in minutes

Replace your own cost-intensive storage solutions with centron S3 Object Storage.On your own or together with us!