Saving resources with digital processes

A current study by the German Economic Institute (IW) shows that many companies simply ignore potential savings through digitization. We at centron observe this phenomenon again and again in our daily business. Read here how you and your company can benefit from digitization by using resources more efficiently.

Study: Resource efficiency through digitization

The IW surveyed almost 900 companies in industry and industry-related service providers on the topic of savings potential in connection with digitization. The result is clear: almost every second company in Germany is convinced that it could work even more efficiently if the technical possibilities were optimally used. Experts estimate the savings potential at around ten billion euros. The topics of monitoring and system efficiency in particular promise the greatest success here.

Digitization gives companies a better overview of their processes and can ensure better utilization of machines and systems.
Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker (CDU), Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics

Germany lagged behind in terms of digitization

The survey by the IW once again confirms what we have known for years: Germany is still lagging behind in a Europe-wide comparison when it comes to digitization. According to the study, around 25 percent of the companies surveyed are not yet digitized.

The situation that many companies still have not recognized the opportunities that digitization offers – especially in times like these of COVID-19 – is extremely paradoxical. Small and medium-sized companies in particular can benefit even more than large companies. They are much more agile and can significantly optimize their value chain in many areas with digital business models.
Wilhelm Seucan, Managing Director of centron

Privacy is another big topic

In addition to a lack of broadband infrastructure and insufficient information, data protection is mentioned in the study as one of the biggest obstacles to digitization. The uncertainty in the industry is still great – and it doesn’t have to be.

Many are unsettled by media reports such as the recent one about Privacy Shield, but that’s only half the truth. All companies that use a German IT service provider with ISO 27001 certification, for example, don’t have to worry about the security of their data.
Markus Angermüller, Sales Manager at centron

In this area too Many managed service providers have meanwhile increased their consulting services. At centron, for example, you not only get any server you like, but comprehensive advice on which system best suits your company and application scenario.

More courage to go digital

The study and our practical experience show that many companies are holding back when it comes to digitization, although now would be the right time to invest in order to save resources in the long term. Those who adapt mindset and digital business models first inevitably have a competitive advantage over the competition. For example, savings can be passed on directly to the customer and thus offer unbeatable added value. If you want to put your company on the road to digital success, our technical experts from centron are always available for a non-binding consultation.

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Detailed facts and figures can be found in the current IW study: On the study