Snapshots remain free of Charge for centron Customers

centron customers can breathe a sigh of relief: snapshots will continue to be free of charge to ensure maximum reliability without additional costs.

In the world of web hosting and cloud services, news has recently caused a stir: Hetzner, one of Germany’s leading providers of web hosting and data center services, has changed its billing model for snapshots. Since the end of May, existing customers have had to pay for their snapshots, which represents a significant departure from the previous practice where snapshots were available free of charge for five years.

Hetzner’s new Invoicing Strategy

Hetzner is introducing a new billing model that aims to bill products with monthly fees on an hourly basis in future. This should enable a more precise and fairer distribution of costs. However, there was one crucial detail that was missing from the original announcements: existing customers who previously had a free volume of 1,800 GB per month for cloud snapshots will now have to pay for these snapshots from May 31, 2024. According to Hetzner, this only affects a small number of customers, who were informed via a separate email.


Comparison with other Providers

However, Hetzner is not the first provider to charge for snapshots. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure have long since established a fee-based model for their snapshot technologies. With AWS, snapshots are stored incrementally, which means that only the changed data blocks are backed up in order to save costs. Azure uses a similar technology, with costs based on unique blocks and pages.

(Soruce: NetApp )

Good News for centron Customer

However, centron customers have no reason to worry. At centron, snapshots will remain free of charge in the future. At centron, snapshots are considered crucial for reliability, which is why they are made available to customers at no additional cost. After all, data security and customer satisfaction are centron's top priorities. The decision to keep snapshots free of charge underlines this commitment.

Free snapshots are a significant advantage, especially for companies that depend on reliable and free backup solutions. This enables data to be restored quickly in the event of corruption, infection or accidental deletion without incurring additional costs.

You can find more information about the snapshot service from centron here.