Tech Trend #10: Sustainable Technology

Sustainable technology is a framework of digital solutions that creates opportunities in three critical business areas at once. Learn more about this tech trend and how you can address it in your business.

For the coming years, the U.S. research and consulting firm Gartner sees four priorities that companies can address with the help of various technology trends. On this basis, Gartner names and categorizes the 10 most important strategic technology trends for 2023. (centron reported)

As the last of these ten tech trends, we would like to present sustainable technologies to you in this article. Gartner assigns this trend to the priority “Pursuit of sustainable technology solutions”.

Sustainable Technology

According to Gartner, technology delivery alone will no longer be sufficient in 2023. Sustainable technology is a framework of digital solutions that increases the efficiency of IT services. It also enables enterprise sustainability (through technologies such as traceability, analytics, emissions management software, and AI), and it helps customers achieve their own sustainability goals. So opportunities are created in three critical areas of the business at once: internal IT, corporate and customer operations.

Investing in sustainable technologies has the potential to improve operational stability and financial performance while opening up new growth opportunities, according to Gartner forecasts. Act now and prioritize technology investments according to your issues to create an effective, sustainable technology portfolio. Cloud services, greenhouse gas management software, AI, supply chain blockchain, or supplier sustainability applications, among others, could be of interest.

Source: Gartner