Technology failures and complex clouds cost revenue

A new survey by Hitachi Vantara reveals alarming facts. Find out how IT as a Service (ITaaS) can save you from losing revenue due to technology failures and what obstacles companies need to overcome to succeed in the digital era.

Today’s business world is heavily reliant on technology. New data shows that over 40% of organizations are losing revenue due to technology failures and complex clouds systems. These alarming findings come from a survey conducted by Hitachi Vantara, Hitachi’s advanced infrastructure, data management and digital solutions subsidiary. The survey included 213 IT executives in North America and Europe. It shows that 55% of organizations are struggling to gain meaningful insights from their data.

Challenges and obstacles for companies

The main issues identified in the survey are security concerns, inflexible systems, siloed data, skills shortages and the need for more flexible infrastructure. These challenges are compounded by the increasing complexity of data, outdated technologies and rising costs due to old or obsolete infrastructures.

Another worrying finding from the survey is that 56% of organizations are experiencing significant revenue losses due to technology failures. Half of organizations are struggling with high total cost of ownership (TCO) or technical debt associated with key applications. 45% struggle to navigate complex cloud landscapes.

Gary Lyng, Vice President of Product and Solutions Development at Hitachi Vantara, commented on the findings: “In today’s digital era, IT is not just a department, but a driving force that enables progress. It enables organizations to innovate, collaborate and thrive in an ever-evolving technological environment. But complexity hinders innovation, emphasizing the need for trusted specialists to simplify the setup for seamless access to data and applications.”

Solutions through IT as a Service (ITaaS)

The survey also shows that 42% of executives are expanding their use of IT as a Service (ITaaS). Organizations are using ITaaS to shift their IT funding models from capital budgets to operational costs that are easier to predict and budget. This has resulted in an average 20% reduction in total cost of ownership. Over the next three years, the use of ITaaS is expected to increase to 86%. The report emphasizes the importance of choosing the right partner for success.

Outlook for the future

Overall, this survey shows that companies are struggling with the increasing complexity of the technology landscape. Solutions such as ITaaS can help to overcome these challenges, minimize technology failures and increase flexibility and innovation. It is crucial to choose the right partners and models in order to move successfully into the digital future.

Source: Cloud Computing News