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Customizing Buttons in Android: A Step-by-Step Guide

Explore the fascinating world of button customization in Android apps in our latest blog post! From selectors to shapes to colors – we’ll show you step by step how to perfect your buttons. Dive in and take your user interface to the next level!

Understanding Android Button Design

Buttons in Android applications can be customized using XML files to define different behaviors for different states. These states include state_pressed, state_selected, state_focused, and state_enabled. By defining selectors, we can set different drawables, colors, or shapes for each state of the button.

Customizing Button States with Selectors

Selectors, defined in XML files in the drawable folder, allow us to set different background colors or drawables based on the button states. For example, we can define a selector file btn_bg_selector.xml to set different background colors for the normal, pressed, and focused states of a button.

Implementing Custom Button Project Structure

To apply these selectors to buttons in our Android Studio project, we set the selector file as the background attribute of the button in the layout XML file.

                android:text="Colored Selector" />

Customizing Button Text Color

Similarly, we can change the text color of a button based on its state using a selector file like btn_txt_selector.xml.

                android:text="Text Selector"
                android:textColor="@drawable/btn_txt_selector" />

Exploring Button Shapes

In addition to colors and drawables, we can also customize the shape of buttons using XML tags like <shape>. This allows us to create buttons with rounded corners, gradients, or even custom shapes like capsules.


Customizing buttons in Android applications provides a variety of opportunities to enhance user interaction and visual appearance. By mastering selectors, shapes, colors, and other customization options, you can create buttons that perfectly complement the design and functionality of your app.

Download the complete Android Studio project to further explore these concepts and experiment with your own custom button designs. Let your creativity shine when designing buttons that enhance the user experience of your Android applications.

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