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How to Secure Your MongoDB Database

How can you secure your MongoDB database? We explore your options, enabling you to select the right strategy to protect your data from sophisticated threats.

Key Challenges in MongoDB Security

Managing a MongoDB database and ensuring its security is no small feat. However, by following the recommendations in this series, you can reduce your database’s vulnerability. Yet, safeguarding a MongoDB database is a complex topic that goes beyond the scope of this series. Attackers are growing more sophisticated daily, making even a well-secured database susceptible.

Cloud-Based Managed MongoDB Services

With MongoDB’s increasing popularity, various cloud companies have introduced their own managed MongoDB database services. A managed service, also known as Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), is a cloud computing service where end-users pay a cloud service provider for database access.

In contrast to self-managed databases, users don’t need to set up or maintain managed databases themselves. Instead, it’s the provider’s responsibility to oversee the database’s infrastructure. The cloud provider also assumes a significant portion of the responsibilities related to database security. Often, the database is deployed behind a firewall they control and may require remote connections to be made over TLS.

A common feature among managed database services is the provision of automatic backups as a form of disaster recovery. Many also ensure high availability and failover through automatic replication. However, when using a managed service, you relinquish much of the control that comes with the “roll-your-own” approach of overseeing all aspects of the database.

Further Considerations for Large Enterprises

If you work for a large company that uses MongoDB, it might be helpful to hire one or more full-time database administrators or an external consultant database administrator to help you determine which MongoDB security features make the most sense for your needs. You might also consider MongoDB’s Enterprise Edition, which offers advanced security features like Kerberos authentication and built-in auditing. However, note that the Enterprise Edition requires a paid subscription and still demands careful administration and oversight.

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