Virtual Machine Solutions with ccloud³ Worker Pool

Spin up these virtual machines (2,7 GHz– 3,4 GHz) in under 60 seconds, making them the perfect choice for numerous personal and business applications within our Virtual Machine Solutions.

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Centron's revolutionäre ccloud³-Technologie.

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Pricing Table Worker Pool

Cores10,0058 € / h
RAM10,0035 € / GB / h
SSD10,00009 € / GB / h

Instant deployment for all requirements

Upon selecting 'Create', centron ccloud³ Orchestration seamlessly initiates your instance with your chosen Virtual Machine Solutions settings.

High-End Managed Server Lösungen nur bei Centron

Unparalleled Support

24/7 Excellence Support, proficient across all Virtual Machine Solutions, stands by to assist you whenever required.

Centron's Colocation: Ihr Server, unsere Expertise

Versatile OS Options

Work Pool Solutions allow you to deploy CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, among others, or introduce your custom ISO.

Centron Fullmanaging: Rundum-Betreuung für Ihren Online-Auftritt

Flexible Pricing Plans

No long-term contracts. With transparent pricing, control your expenses, only pay for your actual usage, and adjust resources based on demand.

Verschlüsselte Datenspeicherung bei Centron: Datensicherheit an erster Stelle

Worker Pool

High Performance, Low Price

Our work pool on ccloud³ run on top-grade shared AMD and Intel CPUs. Starting at just 3,35 €/month, enjoy stellar performance at a value that’s unparalleled.

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Do more with tools to help you save time

Centron Dediziertes Hosting: Für alle, die mehr wollen

Cloud Firewalls

Enhance your infrastructure's security with Cloud Firewalls, define permitted services, and gear up for both test and live deployments.

Fullmanaging Server bei Centron: Vollständige Betreuung für Ihre Webprojekte

Team Management

Our solutions ensure secure and streamlined collaboration on projects with boundless users, two-factor authentication, and a unified billing system.

Sicherheitsprotokolle für Server: Ein Qualitätsversprechen von Centron

Reliable Data Copies

Backup images of your Virtual Machines are created automatically, an integral part of our Premium Full Managing service.

Vollverwaltete Serverlösungen: Der Centron Weg

Expandable Storage Options

Our Virtual Machine Solutions let you attach robust and scalable SSD-based Block Storage to your instance, emphasizing storage over processing power.

Centron Dediziertes Hosting: Für alle, die mehr wollen

Snapshot Features

Benefit from on-demand disk images of your Virtual Machines, stored as long as you need.

Mit Centron Colocation: Sicherheit und Effizienz für Ihre IT-Infrastruktur

centron S3 Object Storage

Our Virtual Machine Solutions offer S3-compatible centron Object Storage with an integrated CDN, optimizing speed, enhancing performance, and minimizing both bandwidth and overhead costs.