Managed Server: Understanding Its Scope and Deciphering Price Variations!

Managed Server, Managed vServer – Unfortunately, these terms are interpreted very freely in the German provider landscape, so that customers now have a very difficult time choosing the right service from a suitable provider.

Where does the price difference come from?

Meanwhile you can find a “managed server” in the price range of 20-40€ per month. Of course, we get questions about how such dramatic price differences can come about when you see centron prices in comparison.

We did some research and found out what some providers in this and also higher price ranges actually mean with this advertising promise.

For the most part, when booking a managed server, the service covers the following points:

Automatic updates without regard to compatibility and stability
Installation of a management interface with it the customer can support himself
No individual configurations
No service and support for software problems
No guaranteed SLAs
The “managed server” turns out to be a virtual server. The host hardware turns out to be a cheap home PC of the lowest quality.

This is not surprising when you compare the prices with the operating costs.

What is a managed server

What do we understand by the term managing?

We maintain a high-performance data center for you with all conceivable redundancies to ensure stable operation. Not only for your server, but also for the entire infrastructure, which is among the best the market has to offer.

More than 40 administrators with specialised, certified and in-depth knowledge of Microsoft, Linux as well as database and mail technologies take care of the smooth operation of your server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it’s a single Class 1 managed server or a large, redundant cluster spread across multiple racks in different fire protection compartments, you always get first-class support quality. This is what centron stands for with its name.

The topic of the hardware used is an important quality and performance factor that is often overlooked.

Processor cores, vCores, GHz, lots of storage space and flat rates are advertised everywhere. But what is behind these advertising slogans? And why is there such a big price difference?

Well, as mentioned above, low-end vendors present cheap home PCs (we’ve even seen laptops) as servers. This saves money.

Now to the individual hard facts:

Processor cores: There can be a price difference of up to 90% whether you use a desktop CPU or a professional one Server CPU. You, as a customer, usually only notice this when you reach the performance limits. But then it’s too late. Your website or web project is so slow that your customers are leaving in droves.
virtual cores: In our opinion, a nonsense. Hyperthreading is now sold as a CPU core.
GHz: Providers and CPU manufacturers advertise again and again with high gigahertz values. Unfortunately, this is misleading in the server world, since the GT/s (giga transactions per second) are crucial. The desktop CPUs are quickly at 30% of the performance of a server CPU.

At centron, we believe that transparency and honesty are the only ways you can have a successful project. Since we keep all the points that we offer you and don’t present any empty advertising promises, you have found a partner in us with whom you can face the future without any worries – Managed Server: Understanding Its Scope and Deciphering Price Variations!

Ask for our know-how, we look forward to your IT project.