Why my IT service provider should be ISO 27001 certified

Outsourcing IT services doesn’t just mean buying expertise, it also means having trust. Confidence that the selected IT service provider handles the data entrusted to him responsibly. Regardless of whether it is about managed servers, hosting or seemingly simple cloud storage. Is it enough to trust the GDPR or how do I know if my IT partner is really trustworthy?

From the server to the managed cloud: IT baseline protection to the highest standard

This is where ISO 27001 certification comes into play. This means that an independent third party certifies the conformity of the respective provider. So you can be sure that the company guarantees adequate IT security.


An ISO 27001 certification is valid for a total of three years. An annual monitoring audit ensures that all requirements continue to be met. Should any deviations from the standard requirements occur, they can and must be remedied immediately. In this way, the provider is required to continuously improve the quality of its information security processes. The protection of confidential and personal (customer) data against misuse or loss remains consistently high.