Basics of Cloud Solutions and Their Significance in the Digital Age

What exactly is a cloud?

Cloud solutions are frequently encountered by internet users – whether on platforms like Facebook or when using online storage. Instead of local IT infrastructure, data and applications are stored on remote servers accessible via a network. A popular example of this is Dropbox, a service that synchronizes data in online storage. An edited document is easily uploaded to the cloud and is then available on various devices in its current version. Hence the term “cloud” – it’s always there and accessible for the internet user wherever they may be, which explains the basics and significance. Basics of Cloud Solutions and Their Significance in the Digital Age

Why are cloud solutions so important today?

The demand and relevance of cloud solutions are continually rising. This is primarily due to the increasing number of internet-enabled mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Thanks to cloud technology, information like calendars, address books, or stored emails are available from anywhere and on any device in the same version.

Applications of the Cloud

The primary use of a cloud is data synchronization. However, other IT services and applications can also be provided through it. This allows even devices with low hardware capacity, like smartphones, to perform powerful functions. This is because the necessary hardware and software reside on a central server, as is the case with many social networks. For the user, however, this remains invisible – they only need a device with a browser and internet connection.

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