What is data center?

Data center is the English term for the data center. This is basically the generic term for internal or external IT areas. On the one hand, the term describes the building or part of the building in which the central computer technology is located. On the other hand, the organizational unit of a company or authority dealing with IT technology also bears this name. In addition to the company’s own data center, an inter-company data center is also conceivable, which is operated as a joint facility by various companies or authorities. In particular, banks, insurance companies and large authorities with a high volume of data and numerous computer workstations operate their own data centers. The performance of modern in-house and inter-company data centers lies in the central control and administration of a large number of individual PC workstations and the company’s internal communication architecture. For this purpose, a data center has an extensive number of servers with redundant server performance, i.e. comfortable storage capacities. Central software, which is used at all PC workstations, can be stored solely on a server to which all company-internal computers have access. In addition, there is also the option of restricting access to programs to selected PCs. In addition to storing software, the servers are used to store large amounts of data.

With the increasing importance of server outsourcing, external data centers take on the task of data storage for business and private users. Important prerequisites for the smooth functioning of the servers are a high level of redundancy and extensive security measures to protect data from loss and unauthorized access. centron.de’s data center has redundant multi-carrier connections with a high bandwidth of over 10 gigabits. Emergency power system, Inergen extinguishing technology, extensive air conditioning and physical access protection ensure the security of the stored data.

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