What are the tasks of a web server?

A web server is a server connected to the Internet. Remote computers can access the data on the server via the web, call it up, change it or upload new files. The FTP protocol is used for file transfer. Files can thus be uploaded to the server, deleted and sorted into folders via an FTP client and its tasks.

The most common use of a web server is to provide web pages. These files, written in HTML, are stored on the web server and can be accessed via the Internet. The computer connected to the Internet requests the file and opens it in a browser, a program that interprets the Internet pages and displays them for the user to see. In order to find the right web server and thus the right website on the Internet, each server has its own IP that uniquely identifies it. Domains are assigned so that Internet users do not have to remember the IP, which consists of a combination of numbers: In this way, the domain www.yourdomain.de can be clearly assigned to an IP and thus to a web server. It is also possible to store several websites on a single web server.

Not only websites can be stored on a web server. Cloud services allow storage space and computing power to be outsourced to a server connected to the Internet. Depending on requirements, computers located at other locations can now use the server’s resources via the Internet. This offers companies in particular a lot of savings potential in terms of hardware and maintenance of their own IT infrastructure. Providers such as centron.de offer numerous solutions based on a web server: From simple hosting of a website to various cloud services such as a private cloud.

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