LKA warns: fake domain invoices in circulation

Currently, fake invoices are being sent by e-mail that want to claim domain registration costs for 2023/2024. The State Criminal Police Office of Lower Saxony warns.


As the State Criminal Police Office of Lower Saxony announced last week, counterfeit invoices are again in circulation. This time the perpetrators are demanding alleged open costs for a “domain registration for 2023/2024”. The e-mail for this is worded impersonally:


Dear Madam / Sir,
Below are the details of the domain registration for 2023 / 2024.
We hope to have informed you sufficiently.
Karin Mueller
Customer Service
D.D.N Hosting
Domain & Web Hosting Service


The e-mail attaches an invoice in PDF format, which looks serious at first glance. At this point, the LKA Lower Saxony reminds you that you should always be careful when opening unknown and unverified files from unknown senders, as they could contain malware as well as links to dangerous websites. In this specific case, the perpetrators only demand a transfer of €291.45 to a bank account in Estonia. The name of the bill recipient or details of the alleged domains are not mentioned. According to the LKA Lower Saxony, the invoices sent in this way only differ in terms of the invoice number and date.


Recommendations for action

Anyone who receives such an invoice by e-mail should, according to the recommendation of the LKA, not react to it at all and, in particular, should not transfer any money to the specified account in Estonia.

If you have already fallen for the scam described, you should inform your bank immediately and inquire whether the transfer can still be stopped. Unfortunately, this can no longer be possible after just a few minutes. Then, on the advice of the LKA, you should report it to your local police station.

Source: LKA Lower Saxony