Microsoft Exchange 2013: End of support near

On April 11, 2023, Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2013 will reach its absolute end of support. The Microsoft Exchange team recommends a speedy migration.


In about nine months, on April 11, 2023, Exchange Server 2013 will reach its final end of support. Scott Schnoll, senior product marketing manager for Exchange Online and Exchange Server at Microsoft, recalled this in a post in Microsoft’s tech community.

Of course, the Exchange 2013 server will continue to run near April 11 next year, as Schnoll assures. For administrators of an Exchange 2013 server, the end of support still has consequences that need to be considered urgently:

  • You will no longer receive technical support for any difficulties you may encounter.
  • You must refrain from troubleshooting issues that may affect server stability and usability.
  • There will be no more security updates for vulnerabilities that are discovered afterwards and make the server vulnerable.
  • Even updates for time zones will no longer be available.

For the reasons listed above and the risks involved, the Exchange team recommends migrating to a newer server as soon as possible. Specifically, Schnoll proposes Exchange 2019 as an on-premise solution in your own network or Exchange Online as migration targets.

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