On-Premise vs. Cloud Computing

Many IT and business executives are faced with the question of whether their own IT infrastructure should come from the cloud or be purchased and hosted locally. A simple example calculation of your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) should support you in your decision.

Hochsichere Server-Technologien, präsentiert von Centron
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On-Premise vs centron ccloud³

For 80% of IT managers, cloud migration is the main concern for future business development.

This is because moving to the cloud not only brings more stability, flexibility and efficiency, but can also bring savings of over 50% compared to on-premise operation. In many business areas, the question is no longer whether to use cloud computing, but to what extent.

For you, too, the cloud as a digitalization engine offers opportunities and potential savings.

Calculate your TCO

The advantages are clear:

  • Convert fixed costs into variable costs
  • Implement new business ideas quickly and without large investment costs.
  • Better use of resources with better performance
  • Minimize risk by minimizing capital commitment
  • Rely on scalable and flexible resources
  • sustainable & stable infrastructure of the future
Hochsichere Server-Technologien, präsentiert von Centron

How much will the cloud cost me?

Let’s assume you are the IT manager of a small and medium-sized company and have to decide whether to continue ordering IT resources on-premise or build similar services in the form of IaaS in the cloud. Your 5 servers, each with 8 CPU cores and 32 GB of RAM and 15 TB of disk space, will cost you €3,454 per month. However, if you compare the cost of cloud and on-premises service, you would pay only €1656 per month for the better performance of the cloud service.

How would you choose?

Calculate your TCO

Total Cost of Ownership: a cost comparison of on-premises infrastructure vs. centron ccloud³ infrastructure

Based on current market assumptions, our experts conducted a comparison of total costs over three years. The evaluation shows that cloud computing is up to 50% cheaper than an on-premise solution in the best-case scenario.

TCO Study
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