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SSL certificates

Use centron SSL certificates to provide your infrastructure with the appropriate security.

Ideal for web applications or your personal website. Talk to one of our sales managers to get started.

DV SSL variants

CertificatePrice excl. VAT.
Let's Encrypt19,00 € / year
Sectigo Lite (PositiveSSL)29,00 € / year
Sectigo Lite Wildcard149,00 € / year
Sectigo Lite Multidomain - 1st - 3rd Domain89,00 € / year
from 4th Domain, every additional Domain29,00 € / year

OV SSL Varianten

ProductPrice excl. VAT.
Sectigo New Silver (InstantSSL)59,00 €
Sectigo New Silver Wildcard299,00 €
Sectigo New Silver Multidomain - 1st - 3rd Domain179,00 €
from 4th Domain, every additional Domain39,00 €

EV SSL Varianten

ProductPrice excl. VAT.
Sectigo EV299,00 €
Sectigo EV SSL Multi-Domain - 1st - 3rd Domain349,00 €
from 4th Domain, every additional Domain109,00 €

Trust and security at transparent prices.

Secure your online presence with centron SSL certificates

Mit den centron SSL Zertifikaten bieten wir Ihnen eine zuverlässige und kosteneffiziente Möglichkeit, Ihre Online-Infrastruktur abzusichern. Ob für kleine Websites oder komplexe Plattformen mit mehreren Domains – unsere SSL Zertifikate sorgen für die notwendige Sicherheit und das Vertrauen Ihrer Nutzer. Einfache, transparente Preise ermöglichen die volle Kostenkontrolle über Ihre Projekte.

Jetzt loslegen und die Vorteile unserer SSL Zertifikate für Ihre Website nutzen. Jetzt loslegen.

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Frequently asked questions

centron’s billing cycles are monthly. Normally, we issue an invoice on the first day of each month and automatically charge your account’s primary payment method for the previous month’s usage. In some cases, we may charge you if your usage exceeds a certain threshold. You can also log in at any time and pay the balance yourself.

No. Your card will only be charged at the end of the billing period or when a certain usage limit is exceeded. Pre-authorization fee: When you add a card, we may send a pre-authorization request to the issuing bank. This is to check whether the added card has been issued by the bank and whether it will authorize future debits. These temporary pre-authorizations usually amount to €1, but can vary in amount and will be cancelled by us immediately. Depending on the bank, it may take a few days for the charge to be debited from the card.
In some countries we are required by law to collect taxes. See our Docs to find out if we charge taxes in your country, what the tax rate is, etc.
If you turn off your ccloud³ VM, you will still be billed. This is because your disk space, CPU, RAM and IP address are reserved even when you are powered off. Therefore, you will be charged until you destroy the instance.
Read our docs to learn how to permanently destroy and delete all products.

Yes, you can set up bill alerts and we’ll send you an email if your monthly spending exceeds an amount you specify.

You will never be charged more than the monthly cost of your ccloud³ VM. All ccloud³ VMs are billed hourly up to a monthly cap of 672 hours (the number of hours in 4 weeks). If you use your server for less than 672 hours during the month, you will be billed for every hour. If you use your server for more than 672 hours during the month, you will be charged the monthly costs. For example, if you set up a ccloud³ VM for €10/month and use it for 336 hours, you will be charged €5 (based on the hourly rate).
Our prices refer to a single ccloud³ VM. It may be that you have created additional resources and this could be the reason for the higher bill. You can check your bill in the control panel to get details of the different resources you are using. If you need help, please contact support.
Your card will only be debited after you have used the free credit. For example, if you have received a €100 credit for 60 days, this €100 credit will automatically be credited to your account. If you spend €25 within this period, your card will not be charged. If you spend €300, the €100 credit will be used up completely and only €200 will be charged to your card. As the credit is valid for 60 days, you can no longer use the remaining credit after 60 days.
To remove a saved payment method, visit the Billing page, click on the menu … of the payment method and then click Delete. In the “Confirm delete card” window that opens, click Delete to remove the card. You cannot remove the default payment method on the account.
If you are interested in an advance payment for resources, please contact our experts.

We do not offer refunds. If there are extenuating circumstances, contact support.