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Take the ccloud Product Tour and learn how to create a virtual machine (VM) quickly and easily with centron.

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ccloud³ VMs: Your powerful and secure cloud infrastructure

Introducing the next generation of virtual machines with centrons ccloud³ VMs. Our VMs not only offer outstanding performance and stability with an uptime SLA of 99.95%, but also a high level of security and simple management tools. With a predictable monthly price, you get a cloud solution that integrates seamlessly into your business processes and grows dynamically with them. Do you still have questions after viewing the ccloud product tour? Write to us, we are here to help and advise you.

ccloud³ VMs

With centron's ccloud³ VMs, you get fast, reliable and security-oriented virtual machines that are specifically designed for smooth setup and dynamic scalability. Our user-friendly interface and API allow you to efficiently manage and customize your cloud resources, while our ISO 27001-certified data centers stand for your data integrity.

Scaling and cost control

Maximize your efficiency and keep your cloud costs under control. With ccloud³ VMs, you can adjust your capacities precisely to current demand and benefit from our exceptional traffic prices. Monitor and secure your applications with our integrated monitoring and firewall solutions, while saving up to 50% compared to traditional cloud providers.

Worker and Power Pool

Whether for SaaS applications, high-traffic web servers or e-commerce platforms, our Worker Pool offers the necessary robustness and performance. And if your applications require CPU-intensive processes, such as media streaming or data analytics, our Power Pool with dedicated computing power is at your disposal.

High Availability and Dedicated vCPU

Our ccloud³ VMs are designed for maximum resilience and offer you dedicated vCPUs for your business-critical applications. With the certainty of a highly available infrastructure, you can concentrate on growing your business without having to worry about downtime.