Interactive Product Tours: Explore ccloud, Kubernetes and S3 Storage in action

Discover the ccenter with our Product Tours

The ccenter is a unique tool for deploying and managing managed virtual machines (vs) or unmanaged virtual machines (xv). Our user-friendly platform and dedicated support team makes getting started in the cloud easier and hassle-free than ever before – and fully GDPR compliant. Discover how ccenter can take your business into the future with our product tours.

ccloud Tour

Experience in our interactive tour how easily and efficiently you can manage your cloud resources with ccloud. Learn how our platform simplifies your cloud computing requirements and discover how intuitive it is to use.

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Kubernetes Tour

Dive into our Kubernetes tour and learn how we simplify the management of container orchestration. Explore how you can create and manage robust, scalable and secure Kubernetes clusters with just a few clicks.

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S3 Object Storage Tour

Discover with the S3 tour how you can easily and securely store, manage and retrieve large amounts of data in our cloud. Our tour shows you the efficiency and scalability of our S3-compatible storage service,

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Great support, excellent price/performance ratio

We switched from Azure with their app service plan to Centron’s managed servers 3 months ago. Since then, we have had no more performance problems and at a much lower price.

Robert Lassen
Flowmium GmbH


Migration of our ERP system to the Centron servers was successful!

Many thanks to everyone involved for the successful move and for the pleasant collaboration! I look forward to possible further projects that we will implement together in the future.

Doris Kühnel
Kanal Oberreiter GmbH


Know-how & the feeling of being in good hands!

The friendliness and technical expertise of the employees is great. I am very satisfied with my three main contacts at Centron. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Orhan Güner
Markel Holdings GmbH

Trust Center - The security of your data is our top priority

In addition to our own strict security precautions, centron adheres to the published standards listed here.