Record inflation also noticeable in software and cloud services

The effects of inflation are also felt in software and cloud products. Leading providers such as Microsoft and SAP are increasing their prices – sometimes drastically.


As the Handelsblatt reports, a number of software manufacturers and cloud service providers have significantly increased their prices or announced corresponding adjustments as a result of the record inflation.

General inflation is having a “significant impact on all business areas, including the digital sector,” according to cloud provider OVH. OVH itself has increased the prices of many products by ten percent.

Microsoft already increased the price for Office 365 by up to 25 percent in March, the hosting provider Hetzner is adding ten percent and SAP wants to introduce an automatic annual price increase of 3.3 percent for its cloud products. Other corporations such as Oracle contractually stipulate that they can increase their prices by the rate of inflation.

According to experts, the price increases mainly affect services for which there are few noticeable alternatives. For example, the CIO of a German industrial group said in the Handelsblatt as follows: “I can’t get away from Outlook or Teams, so Microsoft can raise prices more easily than other providers.”

Source: Handelsblatt< /a>