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centron is setting standards in Germany with GDPR-compliant managed cloud solutions and secure & scalable IT services. From S3 storage to dedicated servers – powerful, reliable, legally compliant. Managed cloud hosting for forward-looking companies. Our promise: performance, service quality and legal certainty.


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Build and scale Kubernetes effortlessly with centron cStack

Start with centron cStack without effort and costs and create your first Kubernetes cluster in seconds.
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Spotlight on Customer Testimonials

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Great support, excellent price / performance ratio

We switched from Azure with their app service plan to centron’s managed servers 3 months ago. Since then, we have had no more performance problems and at a much lower price.

Robert Lassen
Flowmium GmbH


Migration of our ERP system to the centron servers was successful!

Many thanks to everyone involved for the successful move and for the pleasant collaboration! I look forward to possible further projects that we will implement together in the future.

Doris Kühnel
Kanal Oberreiter GmbH


Know-how & the feeling of being in good hands!

The friendliness and technical expertise of the employees is great. I am very satisfied with my three main contacts at centron. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Orhan Güner
Markel Holdings GmbH

Unleash your full business potential with managed cloud hosting from centron

From IT consulting and managed services to infrastructure as a service:
Comprehensive solutions for a future-proof IT strategy!

Features that allow you to scale

From simple tools and predictable prices to support for growing companies
centron’s cloud is tailored to the specific needs of start-ups and SMEs.

Fast development and deployment with simple tools

All our products are characterized by their simplicity, so that you can concentrate on developing applications and not on the infrastructure.

Profitable growth with predictable cloud costs

Our transparent pricing and our leading price-performance ratio contribute to an ROI never seen before.

Reduce your barriers with dedicated support

Get free, personalized support or upgrade to paid plans for dedicated help and faster response times.

Improve customer experience by building on a reliable platform

Provide an outstanding customer experience with our platforms, minimal downtime and intuitive products.

Get started with centron today and transform your business infrastructure.

With centron's managed cloud hosting, you have everything you need for seamless, scalable growth - from simple tools to predictable costs. Sign up now to start your journey to a more reliable, secure and scalable cloud infrastructure. Get access to personalized support and take advantage of our €100 starting credit for new customers.

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Short Tour Through ccloud³ VMs

How does it feel to start a ccloud³ VM? Take a look at a
short tour to see how easy it is to create a ccloud³ VM.

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One cloud for your entire journey

centron’s Managed Cloud Hosting product range is designed to guide you every step of the way,
whether you want to do it yourself or get help from experts.

All Products

Managed Server

High-performance server without administration effort. Focus on your projects, we take care of the setup, backups, monitoring & updates.

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Virtual Machines

On-demand Linux or Windows VMs from centron offer you the choice between all-purpose Worker Pools and high-performance Power Pools.

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A user-friendly Kubernetes service from centron that offers you reliability, scalability and portability for your cloud-native apps.

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S3 Object Storage

Store and scale large amounts of data without having to worry about compute server capacity limits.

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Cloud GPU

centron’s cloud GPUs offer a powerful and flexible solution for your compute-intensive applications.

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Managed Firewall

centron networking experts take over the setup, maintenance and management of your firewall in addition to all the features of the cloud firewall.

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Trust Center - The security of your data is our top priority

In addition to our own strict security precautions, centron follows the published standards listed here.

Learn from the experts

Whether you want to learn more about financing your business, installing Linux on Ubuntu or getting started with centron, we have the right resources for you.

Product Docs

Learn how to set up a Virtual Machine, how to work with Block Storage and much more in the detailed documentation.

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Business Consulting

Business Advice from centron for startup and business-oriented content on financing, team building and scaling.

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Technical Expertise

Visit centron’s tutorials to learn and educate yourself from a wide range of technical tutorials and information.

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Managed Cloud Hosting based in Germany: GDPR-compliant, secure & scalable with centron

centron's cloud services and hosting: Powerful and flexible solutions

Managed Cloud Hosting & IT Services: Customized security and scalability

Managed cloud hosting and IT services from centron define standards in Germany. Our solutions are not only GDPR-compliant, but also specifically designed for security and scalability to meet the requirements of future-oriented companies. With a wide range of services, from S3 Storage and dedicated servers to efficient Kubernetes implementations, centron provides the technology companies need to operate efficiently and securely.

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Performance and Compliance: Managed Cloud Hosting with centron

Performance, service quality and legal security are central to centron’s offering. Advanced services such as managed firewall and cloud GPU options provide a powerful foundation for compute-intensive applications, while the ISO-certified quality management system and strict compliance with the EU GDPR ensure the highest level of trust and security for customers and their data. With a deep understanding of the needs of modern businesses, centron offers a cloud infrastructure that is precisely tailored to individual requirements.

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IT outsourcing and consulting: expert solutions for efficient IT structures

IT outsourcing and consulting allows you to focus on your core business while benefiting from efficiency gains and cost advantages. Our comprehensive range of managed Cloud Hosting, IT services includes outsourcing IT services that allow you to reduce operational stress and focus on strategic goals. With our IT outsourcing consulting, we offer you customized strategies that are precisely tailored to the needs of your company. Discover the many IT outsourcing benefits of working with us. Our team of experts offers not only advice, but also practical solutions to scale your business. We offer you the assurance that your IT projects will be carried out with the highest security protocols and in accordance with ISO 27001 guidelines. Our consultants are ready to show you how you can maximize the performance of your IT systems with our support.

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Infrastructure and Storage Solutions: Customized services for your data management

Our managed cloud hosting infrastructure and storage solutions are designed to support your business with reliable and efficient systems. In the event of an unexpected outage, our recovery IT service ensures that your data is restored safely and quickly. Our IaaS platform provides a solid foundation for your IT infrastructure, complemented by RAID systems renowned for their redundancy and resilience. Businesses looking to keep pace with growth benefit from our scalable solutions for SMEs, making server storage rentals simple and accessible. Manage complex databases with ease on our specialized clusters and benefit from the power of our cloud GPU and GPU servers, ideal for demanding data analytics and AI applications. Our Data Center is ISO 27001 certified, giving you peace of mind that your data is always secure. We ensure that your infrastructure remains state of the art with our reliable providers and snapshot technologies.

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