What types of firewalls are there?

Without an internet connection, a PC, tablet or smartphone is useless these days. But whenever there is a connection between one’s own computer or network and the outside world, this path is also open to attacks on one’s own system from outside. A personal protective wall is the method of choice to prevent unwanted access from the Internet to your own computer or network. The term firewall is taken from the English language and means something like “fire wall”.

While a personal firewall is installed directly on your own computer, corporate customers usually use external solutions. External firewall systems are particularly suitable for large networks with many separate workstations. The firewall software takes on the main task of repelling unauthorized access from outside. However, it can also be used to regulate access to the Internet. In this way, access to certain pages can be restricted and a list of permitted programs can be created.

A good firewall tightly controls all traffic with the outside world. It allows customized setting for the individual user. If unreliable actions are taken, it reports the threat via an alert. A database with Internet-enabled programs divides the software into permitted and prohibited applications. Good management of the cookies used protects privacy. It is important that the protective wall covers all kinds of connection types and secures them equally. For optimal protection, the protective wall requires constant maintenance and regular updates. Without the appropriate care, the protection will become more and more patchy over time and will eventually expire completely.

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