What types of networks are there?

Basically, a network is a combination of several computers. The purpose of such a merger is reflected in several scenarios: It is possible, for example, to share an Internet connection, to exchange data quickly between computers, or to share hardware and software. In companies in particular, it is indispensable for efficient cooperation between the various employees. centron.de offers a number of important IT services such as managed servers or cloud hosting for both small and large companies.

It can be built in different ways. The simplest model is the peer-to-peer network: several computers are connected to each other and receive the same rights. In addition, for example, a printer or a modem can be connected for shared Internet access. In this way, the computers in the cluster can use hardware and the Internet together and at the same time exchange data quickly and easily. The individual computers are connected via Ethernet cables, which are brought together at a central point, the switch. This regulates the data traffic and thus ensures the highest possible speed of the cluster.

So-called client-to-server networks are used much more frequently. In addition to hardware and the individual computers, these also include a central server. Resources such as storage space and software are outsourced to these so that the individual workstations in the network can be equipped with workstations, small and inexpensive desktop computers. A major advantage of such a network is its security: With so-called RAID servers, data in a network can be stored centrally and with a backup copy. In addition, networks with a good server achieve particularly high speeds, which make working in companies much more efficient.

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