ccloud³: centron's agile cloud solution - Scale in seconds with GDPR compliance

ccloud³: Experience Unparalleled Agility & Efficiency in the Cloud

The ccenter simplifies deployment – For hassle-free IT with Managed Services.
The most agile cloud you can find – with compliance built at the core. Scale resources up or down in seconds. Use the ccenter to deploy instances in GDPR compliant environments and enricht them with Premium Managed Services – so that you don’t have to worry about your IT anymore.

Centron's revolutionäre ccloud³-Technologie.

Choose the infrastructure you need

ccloud3 Worker Pool

Centron: Flexibel, kosteneffizient & einfach.

Use the Worker Pool Virtual Machines for apps with bursty performance, e.g. dev / test environments and email databases.

Starting from

€ 3,35 / month

ccloud3 Power Pool

Centron Managed Cluster: Performance auf höchstem Niveau.

Use the Power Pool Virtual machines for more demanding business apps, e.g. CI/CD, video transcoding, or larger databases.

Starting from

€ 4,28 / month

Cloud GPU

Centron Premium Full Managing

Virtual machines with full NVIDIA GPUs for AI, machine learning, HPC, visual computing and VDI.

Starting from

€ 51,74 / month


All in the specs you need- in one cloud

The Unparalleled business cloudfor your enterprise

Your workload is ready to be handled by the ideal public cloud! eCommerce applications continue to function even during periods of high traffic, SaaS solutions operate without a hitch, CPU-intensive rendering activities are performed affordably, and data archives and backups are redundantly stored.

The Compute Engine,an ideal choice

The Compute Engine is the ideal choice if you need a true alternative to a multi-cloud strategy or you want to combine on-premises applications with a public cloud to create a hybrid cloud. It offers transparent pricing, maximum data privacy in certified data centers, an unbeatable backbone connection, simple use thanks the Cloud API, and credible live vertical scaling.

Reliable & Secure.Simple & Flexible.

It takes just a few clicks to create precisely the infrastructure you need. Pick the components that meet your requirements and scale your infrastructure up and down as you need it – down to a single core, at any time or on short notice. Automate your entire cloud infrastructure with the centron ccloud API.

centron ccloud³

High Performance Architecture

centron ccloud³ is designed for the most demanding workloads.
See why all clouds are not created equally.

Single Core with 4GB RAM

centron - 1487
IONOS - 931
Hetzner - 805

The centron ccloud³ infrastructure with AMD Epyc and Intel Xeon processors for the deployment of all VM sizes delivers significantly higher Geekbench performance scores. Our power pools guarantee a clock speed of at least 3.5 GHz and raise your benchmarks to the next level.

84% faster

3,5 GHz Power Pool Singe Core Geekbench

59% faster

3,5 GHz Power Pool Single Core Geekbench

Hochsichere Server-Technologien, präsentiert von Centron

The professionals on our team are eager to hear from you

Take advantageof our consultation!

Our cloud experts help you plan and carry out your cloud projects and are happy to offer advice on the architectural specifications for your virtual data center and concerns relating to interoperability with legacy applications. We would be happy to carry out a realistic proof-of-concept. Our cloud consulting services are always individualized, professional, and completely free. Additionally, skilled system administrators are on hand 24/7/365 to offer expert technical assistance for your cloud applications.

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What you get

Everything a cloud could offer: from data protection to 100% OpEx pricing. The ccloud has ist all!

Centron's moderne Server-Infrastruktur: Zukunftssicheres Hosting

GDPR compliant

The centron ccloud³ is 100% DSGVO compliant and delivers cloud resources to you according to the highest data protection principles.

Centron's moderne Server-Infrastruktur: Zukunftssicheres Hosting

No vendor lock-in

With our solutions and products, you do not enter into any vendor lock-in. centron offers you open source solutions which are not vendor controlled.

Centron's moderne Server-Infrastruktur: Zukunftssicheres Hosting

US CLOUD ACT protected

As a German cloud provider, centron is not affected by the US CLOUD ACT and does not conflict with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Centron's moderne Server-Infrastruktur: Zukunftssicheres Hosting

No term

centron offers a transparent pricing model without fixed contract terms, suitable for your actual needs - and scalable at any time. But, if you should want it long term, we'll surely do that too.

Centron Fullmanaging: Rundum-Betreuung für Ihren Online-Auftritt


All cloud computing resources and services are billed by the minute according to actual consumption. If you want to save pure capital and go long term, please contact our sales team.

Server-Infrastruktur bei Centron: Technologie, die überzeugt

Green IT

centron represents a climate-neutral cloud platform and has been relying on a combination of renewable energies, energy-efficient hardware and software for years.

centron ccloud³

High Performance, Low Price

vCPURAMSSDPrice per monthPrice per hour
11254,58 €0,0064 €
12506,99 €0,0097 €
22609,45 €0,0131 €
2410013,99 €0,0194 €
4818027,40 €0,0381 €
41226036,49 €0,0507 €
81635054,48 €0,0757 €
122450080,99 €0,1125 €
vCPURAMSSDGPU RAMNvidia Quadro RTX6000Price per monthPrice per hour
12120260241448,48 €0,6229 €
24240350482895,51 €1,2438 €
484805009641789,28 €2,4851 €

Just take a look!

For your business

Sicherheitsprotokolle für Server: Ein Qualitätsversprechen von Centron

Easily deploy and manage vour VMs

Interact with your VMs how you want. Our intuitive UI & API make it simple for you to manage your virtual machines.

Die moderne Server-Infrastruktur: Ein Einblick in Centron's Technologie

Reliably scale as your demand shifts

Resize your VM or scale horizontally with many of them. Deploy with many different features and flavors with our 99.5% uptime SLA.

Fullmanaging Server bei Centron: Vollständige Betreuung für Ihre Webprojekte

Managed IaaS – so that you can focus on the important matters

IaaS, Backup, Monitoring & Patch Management. With Premium Full Managing and Premium Managed Services you can outsource your entire IT.

Basic virtual machine costs

Easy, fast, and flexible compute built for a range of needs.

2 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, 80 GB Storage, 4000 GB Traffic

Ein Centron-Logo auf grünem Hintergrund mit ccloud-Design.
€ 12,76

With bandwidth: € 16,76

Centron: Technologie für morgen, heute verfügbar.
€ 25,56

With bandwidth: € 341,00

Adobe ccloud Adobe.
€ 28,18

With bandwidth: € 370,92

AWS-Logo auf einer grünen Wolke.
€ 28,18

With bandwidth: € 317,63

See what you can save

Billing to the minute or monthly infrastructures mean your bill is never a surprise.

Our prices


Frequently Asked Questions

Optimale IT-Effizienz mit Centron Colocation-Diensten

Managed services comprise a wide range of IT services that are mainly provided remotely. Examples include cloud, backup and IT security services. The advantage is that only the services that are really needed are purchased. In contrast to full outsourcing, the company retains control over its own IT. The service is recurring, i.e. it is typically provided every month. The exact scope of service provision is regulated in the service level agreement (SLA). Along with other providers, centron has to be measured against the requirements defined here.

Choosing the right managed service provider can be a big challenge. There is simply too much choice, but it is not recommended to make a decision without having done extensive research first. We’ve put together the right tools to help you decide. From 24/7 support to agile resources to numerous addons, these factors will show you how centron differs from other providers.

Digitization is like a Herculean task for many companies. The process includes a detailed company analysis of processes and infrastructure, hiring the appropriate experts, designing and building a complex and at the same time efficient environment, implementing new infrastructure with accurate documentation, operation with updates and support as well as an IT security team that protects the company and its infrastructure against cyber attacks. In addition, there is the constant monitoring of the IT market in order to keep track of its opportunities and possibilities and to be able to react agilely to changes.

Basically, centron secures every device in our data center by central firewalls, which provide basic protection. However, since each system has specific security requirements, we install individual solutions for managed servers and clusters to avoid presenting attackers with unnecessary vulnerabilities. There is always the possibility to install a personal firewall to ensure further security. We are happy to support and advise you on this.

centron’s resource model allows you to build a new infrastructure with 0€ investment. You only pay for what you really use. In addition to per-minute billing, various add-ons are available to take your IT to the next level.

Premium Full Managing includes Backup-as-Service, Monitoring-as-a-Service and Patch Management-as-a-Service. All in one package, so you can focus on the essentials of your business. In addition, with Premium Managed Services, an additional hourly quota can be booked to further support your IT.

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Fully-managed cloud services - compute, networking, storage and more - designed for service providers and the modern enterprise. Access on-demand, enterprise-grade compute, networking and storage designed to handle any workload. Get fully-managed, pay-for-use cloud services to lower your costs and future-proof your infrastructure. All the clever marketing in the world can’t compare to the experience of centron. So give it a try!

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Fully-managed cloud services - compute, networking, storage and more - designed for service providers and the modern enterprise. Access on-demand, enterprise-grade compute, networking and storage designed to handle any workload. Get fully-managed, pay-for-use cloud services to lower your costs and future-proof your infrastructure. All the clever marketing in the world can’t compare to the experience of centron. So give it a try!